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2017/05/23 MIEL's Workshop "Negotiations" (Odesa, 26-k NUOLA, 23/05.2017 at 11.00)

Отправлено 25 мая 2017 г., 22:44 пользователем Mykola Pashkovsky   [ обновлено 25 мая 2017 г., 22:52 ]
We are inviting you to take part in MIEL's workshop "Negotiations" (workshop for the development of soft skills)

Web site – http://intereulaweast.onua.edu.ua
Trainer – associate professor, PhD, MIEL's lecturer Darina Dvornichenko (http://intlaw.onua.edu.ua/the-team/Dvornichenko_Darina)
Event's date - 23/05.2017
Event's time start - 11:00
Event's place - Odesa, NUOLA, aud. 26-k
Goal auditorium - MIEL's student and other students, who are interested in negotiations

This Registration form is for registration of students for participation in the workshop.
MIEL's students participate without registration.